Monday, 8 February 2016

Shine bright + What does style mean to me?

 Sparkle Top from Suzy Shier
Boyfriend jeans from Old Navy
Grey fridge booties from Macy's 
What does style mean to me?
To me style is a personal journey, it speaks your personality and who you are. Two years ago my style was completely different than what it is today. I was the girl that wore 4 inch heels to school, with an outfit that was way over the top for daylight (Im exaggerating). When I look back on this I realize how impractical that was, but I say that with a different mindset now. My style is much more laid back, than that little girl running through Vancouver in heels. When I was in London last year, everyone wore sneakers! Men, women, children of all ages, it was an infatuation. Seeing how put together everyone looked while being so casual was foreign to me, but something I wanted to accomplish with my own style. 

Having your own style means confidence. Everyone’s clothing choices take work, it shows your making an effort with your life. Style tells a story of who you are, but it does not completely define you! I was taking the skytrain in Vancouver, and I noticed this man sitting down, jet black hair with earrings in every possible place. When we got to the next stop, an older lady came in, the man with the black hair jumped up immediately, faster than anybody else and offered her his seat. My mouth dropped, I had completely judged him based on his clothing choices. God really changed my perspective. Style sets you apart, and gives you a spring in your step. You can wake up feeling lousy, but leave your house feeling beautiful. Just remember that no one can make you feel inferior about your clothing choices. My style is may be different from yours and thats okay. It does not make either one of us better than each other, just different. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Brown details.

Black and white knit sweater from
Jeans from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Brown booties by Forever 21
Brown shoulder handbag from Francesca's 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A weekend in Wales

Hello friends!! Happy #traveltuesday ! I’m so excited to be bringing this page back to the blog. Today we will be exploring Cardiff, Wales. We took a bus from London to Cardiff, and the first thing we saw driving was the beautiful landscape. Green fields for miles, and a different language? Yes we actually did not know that in Wales they speak Welsh, we thought it would be English. 
Day one: We started out the day with a visit to Cardiff Castle; you really cannot miss it when you go there. The castle is huge, and you can pretty much go through it all. The tour started in the wartime shelters, and the main watch tower which has a stunning view over Cardiff. Inside the castle apartments there are beautiful murals, elaborate wood carvings, and stained glass. The castle is Victorian Gothic and created by art-architect William Burges for the 3rd Marquess of Bute. Finishing day one we went for a cup of coffee from Gregg’s and did a little shopping in River Island. 
Day two we went to Barry Island! We were desperate to get to a beach, because we had been told so many great things about Welsh beaches. Barry Island definitely did not disappoint! Absolute picturesque views and exactly what you see in photos of Wales. I love the extraordinary large hills that frame the ocean. A bucket of chicken and two ice cream cones at sunset ended a perfect day at the beach. And that concludes our weekend in Wales! A must see for anyone traveling the UK! Have you been to Wales, or maybe you’re from there? Let me know what your favourite highlights are, or suggest another city in Wales I should go to. Comment below!

Picture credit: My travel companion and best friend Emily xx

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Warm and fuzzy

Knitted toque Vera Moda
Knit cardigan from Kersh 
Dark skinnies by Marc Jacobs
Fringe booties by Pink and Pepper
Gold necklace by LOFT
Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend. I have an exciting event on Saturday- my friend is throwing an amazing race birthday party. It’s a competition where we have to find different clues and drive all over the city to partake in different activities. It definitely should be a lot of fun.
For those who live in warmer climates, good on you! We are still very cold, and wet here the Fraser Valley. I took these pictures before the rain came because the forecast says five days straight rain- yikes! This outfit is super cozy, and very appropriate for where I live. I love to mix textures, it adds something different to the outfit. Almost like your mixing prints, but less loud. The mix of knit and lace has to be my favourite, because of its easy wearability and feminineness. What are your favourite combinations of textures to wear? Also wish me luck on Saturday, here’s hoping we win. (Or at least not come in last LOL) 

Friday, 22 January 2016


 Top from Reitmans
Sweater from Smart Set
Skirt from Forever 21
Boots by Browns
Happy Friday loves!
Well congrats to everyone we made it to the weekend! Another week and we are finished the first month of 2016. Sounds absolutely crazy because I dread January, it always feels like the longest month of the year. What were your new years resolutions? Mine were the usual loose weight, and be a better daughter/friend. Like Oprah said in her weight watchers commercials “lets make 2016 the year of our best bodies”. Well Oprah, that might be easy to say, but its dang hard to do. I’ve already pigged out on so much naan bread this week its not even funny. But balance and moderation are key. Thats my moto going into next week, the week we attempt to eat healthy. Lets see how this goes, wish me luck!