Saturday, 21 November 2015

Autumn leaves + 34 hours without electricity

 “Turning on a light switch is a luxury.” I did not think that could be true until this past week when I spent 34+ hours without electricity. In the valley we had a massive windstorm, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees, and wrecking houses. 40,000 people were without power in my city. The 90km winds even pulled over a semi off the freeway. Businesses were shut down, the city was absolute chaos. While the power was off, what could we do other than stay in our house where it was safe? The power outage forced us to find other things to do besides watch TV, or use the internet. Our first night we went out for hot drinks and food then spent the day relaxing. (I napped)  Our evening was spent playing charades, and chatting. The next day businesses had power, but my home still did not. I found myself constantly calling home to see how my family was doing, and if they needed anything. I came home to no power, and after our supper by candlelight we played the famous game of charades. Reflecting on this experience I’ve realized that living without electricity is definitely a challenge. Putting mascara on using candlelight or a flashlight is hard work! Being able to flick a switch and see everything around you is a luxury, something so simple that I definitely take for granted in everyday life. I kept thinking about my ancestors and how they lived. Today we can go on Facebook or facetime our loved ones, but back then if you did not live with them or next to them, you basically did not talk to them! There are people out there today that don’t get to flick a switch and watch the lights go on. Having no access to the internet or television really brought my family and I closer together, we shared some serious laughs playing charades and talking about anything we wanted without outside interruptions. The 34 hour electricityless challenge was hard, but very worth it. It makes me really appreciate everything we have.

Blouse from Reitmans
Army green jacket from Forever21
Boyfriend jeans from Old Navy

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


 Hello lovelies! How’s everybody’s week going? I’m a little under the weather, and caught a cold so my week has started a little rough but hopefully will be better soon! Last week was Remembrance Day, I hope everyone enjoyed a day off in the middle of the week, and used that free time to think about all the men and women who fought for our wonderful country. I am so grateful to live in free country, I think of all the amazing opportunities Canada has, there’s truly no place like home. We’ve really swung into Christmas now, with decorations up and a countdown on the way. It’s been a great year and I can’t wait for another wonderful Christmas with family. What's your favourite part of November? Have a wonderful week lovelies!

Top: Le Chateau
Plaid button up from Nothern Reflections
Jeans from Marc Jacobs
Pointed toe heels from H&M

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Spot on.

I quite enjoy change. It feels like the world is constantly changing, how do we keep up? Change of government, iPhone updates, and fashion. If you asked me two years ago I would have said I disliked change immensely! The thought of moving my bed to a different place in my room freaked me out or parking on the other side of the garage. As I get older, I accept change a lot better. Living in London, England grew me so much as a person sometimes I cannot remember the person I was before I left. It forced me to like change. So here are a few steps to help with change.
1. Pray. I cannot stress this enough! God can truly change your perspective on things. It happened to me two weeks ago. I went to bed feeling one way, and the next day I woke up feeling completely different, and extremely confident. After spending the day with God and really thinking/praying I saw how he changed me. And this change was certainly for the better.
2. There’s always a reason behind change. Whether it’s moving your bed to face the window, or buying a new car. Think of the positive, having your bed closer to the window you will get more air flow at night which is better for breathing. Buying a new car, the car will be more reliable, and more fun to drive.
3. Nothing is forever. Shoes wear out, people get older, and trends fade. Once you come to terms with that, life gets easier. Our world needs new things to grow and advance.
4. Know the truth, and what’s important. It’s easy to freak out over small things, but when it comes to a loved one passing away how are you going to react? There are bigger things in the world than changing all the pens at work. Maybe you liked those old pens, but you might like this new pen better. That sounds silly to get upset over it but we can’t sweat the small stuff. Let it go, be mature and prioritize.
“Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened” –Dr. Seuss



Top from Gabby's Abbotsford
Black pants from Suzy Shier
Runners by Nike

Friday, 6 November 2015

Sport N' Go.

Happy Friday fashion friends! I can’t wait for this weekend, its felt like such a fast week. Definitely have some catching up to do. How was everyone’s first week of November? I still feel like its fall, but there has been a serious chill in the air. I’ve loved cozying up by the fireplace after work with my hot chocolate. Almost time for some Christmas decorating!

Black blazer from Le Chateau
High waisted pants from American Eagle
High heels from H&M

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dear Paris,

Dear Paris:
I’ve dreamed of visiting you my whole life. It’s an overwhelming passion that’s been in my heart for years. When we first arrived in Paris it was a beautiful feeling, driving up to that sign that said “Paris” felt surreal. I’ll never forget that feeling of pure excitement and bliss all at the same time. Stepping out of the bus onto your French streets, looking up at the Eiffel tower “I’m here” was all the words I could say. I couldn’t help but shed a tear of joy. All those times I was unhappy, the thought of Paris made me smile through those rough times. It all lead up to this moment, I am here. Body, mind and spirit. No time felt shorter than those four hours we spend on top of the Eiffel tower. No emotion other than happiness was felt. A dream became reality when we walked along the Seine and shopped on Champs Elysees. Needless to say I enjoyed every moment of you Paris, I feel as though you are a part of me, it’s something we all have. What’s your Paris?