Thursday, 6 September 2012

Trying to make a bralette classy?

Hello my lovelies! How are you today? Everybody back to school or back at work? All around what would you rate your summer? 10 being highest. Honestly I would rate it a 9! I worked so much that when I got time to myself I cherished it. I have lots of fun times with my friends, at the beach, and even at work (sometimes)! I don’t think I would change it one bit! If it had to I would take a few more days off and go to the beach more. But overall I had a great summer. But I’m excited that it’s over. I start my first day of class in 11 days and I’m a little nervous. I’m applying for a scholarship and the question I have to answer is “What are 3 major trends for fall?” It’s such a difficult question because there are so many great trends for fall for example leather head to toe, high collared necks, peplums, menswear, faux- fur, the list goes on forever. I feel like I’ve made a decision. Tell me if you like this. I wanted to break them up into categories:
1. High Fashion- Oversized coat
2. Street wear: Peplums
3. My favourite trend: Coloured denim, specifically purple!
What do you think? I will explain why I chose these three. Oversized coats is a scary trend, it’s definitely something for the runways, I can see people wearing high collared necks, menswear and faux fur on a regular basis but oversized coats? I don’t know, I can’t see my city wearing them but maybe I’m wrong? The next trend is peplums! People went crazy for peplums for summer and now they are going crazy for them for fall, warmer tons and blacks are huge and I’m seeing them everywhere! The last one is my favourite trend the coloured denim. I wanted the people looking at my scholarship to really know who I am. And as most of you know purple is my all time favourite colour always has been and always will! The plum colour is the “it” colour for fall which super excites me! So I took a trend like coloured denim and made it my own by the purple. SERIOUSLY it would mean so much to me if you told me your thoughts on my three trends, I really really REALLY would love to win the scholarship. So let me know, also let me know how your summer was!

So in the summer I was seeing the bralette everywhere. And I kept thinking to myself why would someone want to expose that much of your body? That’s not who I am at all! But I created a challenge for myself: Make the bralette super classy. I think I succeeded! What do you think? The bralette is just simple black, if you wore lace that would put into a whole different category and make it super casual. I chose a long skirt because since I was showing so much skin at the top I thought I might need to cover my bottom. Anything to short wouldn’t create a classy look. To top off this classy look I added a blazer, this makes the outfit more business like and less party look. I also added a scarf for some pattern and to tie in the skirt. I would wear this outfit shopping, hanging out with friends, or maybe to school? I wouldn’t recommend wearing this look to work, but wear it right at it could be okay. I was reading a magazine and they put together a look with a bralette for work it looked very nice but I personally wouldn’t wear that to my work! 

Blazer: Le Chateau
Bralette: Made myself
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Aldo

You guys are the best, thank you so much for the comments, the views, and follows!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss

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