Saturday, 2 May 2015

Denim Days

 Lately I’ve been seeing head to toe denim everywhere, and it’s time I put my own stamp onto this trending trend. I have not always been a fan of wearing jeans; I find them sometimes to be extremely uncomfortable and painful around my hips. But not anymore! Fit, stretch ability, and ink colour are important things I look for in a good pair of jeans. Here are a few tips I’ve learned over all my denim days.
1. Colour, and stressing matters. One time I tried on a pair of light washed jeans and they made my thighs, hips, and bum look a lot bigger than what they were.  I try to stick to darker blue jeans, with a tiny big of distressing. But key fact: watch where the stressing is! If you tend not to like your upper thighs find try to find a jean with stressing in the middle, or the knee and vice versa.
2. You will vary in size from store to store “Vanity sizing”. Normally I’m a 28 or 29 depending on the store, but these Marc by Marc jeans I’m wearing are a size 27. The 28 fit me perfectly, but like our mothers always say “jeans will expand”, so I took the 27. Some stores will higher or lower the sizing.
3. Sit down in your jeans before you buy! This is a top tip for me because some jeans I’ve tried on tend to dig into my waist, but then they gap in the back. I always stick to jeans that are high waisted, not so I can wear them like a high waisted pant but so the jeans don’t slide down, or rub me the wrong way. Low rise jeans absolutely don’t work with my body type.
4. Do the jean dirty work! If you’re lucky and find the perfect pair/fit in the first store, amazing! But for me, it takes a while! Each store has different cuts, colours, and washes. As much as I love a good designer jean because it’s the one thing I splurge on, sometimes you can find a pair just as good under $50. I found a pair of boyfriend jeans at Old Navy that I absolutely adore! They have an excellent variety, and their sizing goes up to 20. Insider tip: J brand and Jessica Simpson jeans are exactly the same fit! Of course the style and colours are different but fit stays the same!
5. Jeans to long? Just hem! Short people don’t have so stick with the “short” sizes! I find tall jeans fit me better.
Jeans sometimes can be the worst to buy, but go into a store relaxed and determined and you do great! Take along these tips and have them nearby to refer to! Let me know how it goes! What are your tips for finding the perfect fit? And your favourite store to buy jeans? Let me know!

Denim Chambray  Love Culture
Denim top H&M Switzerland
Jeans Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels H&M London

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