Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Traveling Diaries: Edmonton!

The surprise location I visited last week was Edmonton! I have been to this fantastic city so many times, and each time I love it even more. It’s known as wild rose country, and has amazing views of the sky. Growing up in BC I’m used to mountains, but going to Edmonton is entirely different with no mountains at all and open skies. I’m going to be taking you through my trip and let you know some of my favourite things to do. First we started outside of Edmonton in a little town called Westlock, we visited my grandma for mother’s day, also attending a local art exhibit and doing a bit of shopping. Next our trip took us into the big city. Edmonton has massive roads, and lots of lanes. It’s harder to get around in Edmonton unless you have a car. No trip to Edmonton would be complete without going to West Edmonton mall, the largest mall in North America and 18th largest in the world! Complete with a hotel, waterpark, skating rink and over 800 stores it’s definitely going to keep you busy. We also went to Southgate mall, which has one of my favourite stores called Oak+Fort! Whyte Avenue or Old Strathcona is a historic part in central Edmonton, which is a definite must. They have the cutest unique shops from clothing stores, to homeware, and even car dealerships. It’s a very neat place to check out. My all-time favorite thing that I did in Edmonton and my top recommendation of things to do was the Muttart Conservatory, it was seriously amazing! It’s located downtown, close to the main part of the city, with beautiful old homes in the area. Basically its four domes with four different biomes in it which are, Feature: Amour de Paris, Arid, Rainforest, and tropical. Each pyramid is filled with different plants that grow in that region. The arid biome was my favourite with cacti and succulents everywhere; it felt like we were in Arizona. The feature pyramid always changes and this time it was Amour de Paris, it was my mom’s favourite with colourful hydrangeas and Eiffel tower. I went a little loco with picture taking, so take a browse through and let me know your thoughts! Have you ever been to Edmonton, or maybe you’re from there? What are your favourite things to do in the city? Let me know in the comments!


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