Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Travel diaries: Causeway coast and Glens

I don’t think this post will accurately express my love for Northern Ireland. But let me first begin by saying I did not know very much about Northern Ireland previous to coming here. I have some wonderful friends that live in Ballymoney that told me a little bit about it, but that was all. 
Our trip to the North coast first started with a bus ride from Dublin to Belfast. Our faces were glued to the window admiring the wonderful view for two and a half hours. Once we got there we were greeted with two lovely faces, let’s call them M&M. M&M are fantastic friends of my parents, who are from Northern Ireland but lived in British Columbia for thirteen years back in the 80’s and 90’s. It was truly a blessing staying with them. They took us around their amazing coastline. Day one started with a walk through the famous dark hedges, then onto the Giant’s Causeway. We hopped on a mini tour bus and it took us to a place where both of our Canadian jaws dropped and said “OHHH MYYYY GOSSSSSHH, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL”. What, how and amazing were the only words we could come up with. The Giant’s Causeway is all produced from a volcano 60 million years ago. I still cannot believe something like that exists. It felt peaceful, but almost childlike at the same time. As I hopped the columns, I felt like I was truly in God’s happy place for me. It was as if I was walking in the middle of the ocean. The waves crashed against the rock formation loudly, but everything else inside of me felt still, and quiet. I never wanted to leave but eventually everyone else started to get hungry. We stopped at this little tiny restaurant on our way to the carrick-a-rede rope bridge, which is another picturesque location. . The water was crystal clear, with such beautiful aqua, and royal blue colours. We constantly had to keep pinching each other. The bridge was a lot of fun, and this is coming from me! A height striking fear lady! I’m so glad I did it to; I have a certificate to prove it!

The day ended with pizza and ice cream at Morelli's at Portstewart, a cute little beach town. The next two days were spent surfing and swimming at Port Rush. Sandwiches and sand in my toes, while tanning on the beach, that’s the sound of a good holiday. M&M also drove us all around their little town, pointing at familiar places and faces. Everybody knows EVERYBODY in the North.

I will always remember the wonderful generosity of M&M, and hope I can do the same thing for somebody one day. So a big thank you to M&M, you are truly amazing people. Of course thank you to Northern Ireland, for making me fall head over heels in love with you. I hope to visit soon!

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