Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Do Re Mi in Austria

 Every Tuesday I’ll be posting places I’ve been to, I’m hashtagging it #traveltuesday! This week it’s Austria, probably my favorite country in Europe. Next time I go back, I’m taking my time in Austria and seeing/doing everything. The drive into Austria is beautiful, tall and gorgeous mountains with lush green trees. Reminded us of BC a little bit. I also loved the architecture, as pictured below (photobombed by our bus curtains, it has to make an appearance in our Europe trip because we were in it SO much). The agenda for the day provided by Top deck (the tour company) consisted of paragliding, skydiving or a bike ride. We didn’t really feel like doing any of those things, especially because I’m very afraid of heights. Our hotel was called Haus Alpenblick. Side note: Seriously the BEST hotel, they served us a home cooked meal (which we hadn’t gotten in a while) amazing owners, and a really cool room. It’s run by a super nice husband and wife team from Australia. As we were snooping through the pamphlets on things to do in the area, the husband came up to us and we started chatting, asking us where we were from and normal conversation like that. He suggested we take the gondola ride up the mountain because that’s where all the Canadian Olympians come to practice. That was music to our ears! So we headed there, which was about a 35 minute walk from our hotel.
We got to the mountain and it was HUGE. Yes, this height fearing fashionista braved the gondola ride to the top, with the help of my friend. It was completely worth it, the view was out of this world.
We had lunch at Gaisbergstüberl, and the food was fantastic! We hiked down the mountain to see the beautiful view, and stopped for ice cream because of course we are tourists on vacation!

 Then we made our way back to the hotel to find the next exciting thing to do. The owner’s son suggested we go swimming in Lake of Kirchberg since it was extreamly warm that day. There is a fee to get into the swimming area but there’s tons to do for example; 25m wave slide, 50m water slide, heated outdoor pool, beach volleyball, small football pitch, tabletennis, and row boats. The waterslide was so temping but we had supper in 40 minutes and we still had to walk back so we passed on that. I wish I didn’t though! I mentioned before how we had a home cooked meal, well this meal was fantastic! Right down to the apple tart for dessert, and all homemade! Austria exceeded my expectations and then some! Especially since we had such great hosts, and it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful country, definitely a place I will visit again.