Saturday, 21 November 2015

Autumn leaves + 34 hours without electricity

 “Turning on a light switch is a luxury.” I did not think that could be true until this past week when I spent 34+ hours without electricity. In the valley we had a massive windstorm, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees, and wrecking houses. 40,000 people were without power in my city. The 90km winds even pulled over a semi off the freeway. Businesses were shut down, the city was absolute chaos. While the power was off, what could we do other than stay in our house where it was safe? The power outage forced us to find other things to do besides watch TV, or use the internet. Our first night we went out for hot drinks and food then spent the day relaxing. (I napped)  Our evening was spent playing charades, and chatting. The next day businesses had power, but my home still did not. I found myself constantly calling home to see how my family was doing, and if they needed anything. I came home to no power, and after our supper by candlelight we played the famous game of charades. Reflecting on this experience I’ve realized that living without electricity is definitely a challenge. Putting mascara on using candlelight or a flashlight is hard work! Being able to flick a switch and see everything around you is a luxury, something so simple that I definitely take for granted in everyday life. I kept thinking about my ancestors and how they lived. Today we can go on Facebook or facetime our loved ones, but back then if you did not live with them or next to them, you basically did not talk to them! There are people out there today that don’t get to flick a switch and watch the lights go on. Having no access to the internet or television really brought my family and I closer together, we shared some serious laughs playing charades and talking about anything we wanted without outside interruptions. The 34 hour electricityless challenge was hard, but very worth it. It makes me really appreciate everything we have.

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