Friday, 15 January 2016

Sparkle Sparkle.

Hello!! How was everybody’s Christmas and New years? I had such a wonderful break off, really spent time with my family. My sister and brother in law came to visit us from the Dominican Republic. We took them all around Vancouver, started our day with  “Fly over Canada” at Canada Place. It is definitely a MUST see for any tourist or anyone from Canada for that matter. We sat in what looked like a roller coaster ride with seat belts and then were pushed into this huge screen, our feet were dangling off the edge. It was meant to feel like you were actually in a helicopter flying. It was such a beautiful movie, with sprits of rain falling on your face going through Niagara Falls, the smell of evergreens going through the forests of BC, and beautiful views of Toronto, the Badlands, and the Okanagan. They had a Christmas special at the end of the movie and we flew through Santa’s workshop. I for sure pay to see “Fly over Canada” again. Another highlight of Christmas was tubbing at Manning park, something i’ve never done before and i’ve lived here all my life. If you follow me on instagram you would see my pictures over Christmas (@julieaaane) It was an absolute blast! What were everybody’s highlights? 
V-neck white tee from Northern Reflections (so comfy)
Jean Chambray shirt from H&M
Skirt Charlotte Russe
Cream tennis shoes from Aldo
Brown shoulder bag Francesca's 

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